BIARGS is working in collaboration with RCOG to develop Advanced Skills Training Module (ATSM) in Robotics assisted surgery programme for Gynaecology. Main competencies levels are based on RCOG/GMC and incorporated in BIARGS surgeon training curriculum. Further procedural tasks will be developed in subspecialty of Gynaecological oncology, advanced endometriosis and urogynaecology. The syllabus has been defined based on evidence after pilot work and Delphi projects in robotic training including some SERGS training framework (ref: Bonrath et al. 2015; SERGS Curriculum, Ismail et al 2020).

The training programme also supports the vision of RCOG training “to produce a specialist who has the skills, knowledge and attributes needed in the 21stcentury, meeting needs of the patient and service”.

1 BIARGS Gynae Robotic Surgeon training Curriculum
2 BIARGS Gynae Robotic Bedside First Assistant
3 BIARGS Gynae Robotic Bottom end Second Assistant
4 BIARGS Robotic surgeon training module for Gynaecologist