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Message from Carmine Civilli BIARGS Nursing/SFA council member.

Mr Carmine Civilli
Surgical First Assistant, Nurse
The Christie Hospital, Wilmslow Road Manchester M20 4BX United Kingdom
BIARGS Post: Council member (Nursing representative)


It is my pleasure to get to invite you for engaging with robotic training and implementation programme for improving our patient care. Join us for series of planned webinars. Our first webinar is on 11th April at 7-8 PM. Join me and get involved.

Below are some topics I am working on:




Webinar Topics

  1. Advanced Role Dynamics in the Robotic Surgery Team: 
  2. Roles and responsibilities of healthcare practitioners in robotic surgery team. 
  3. Nurses and healthcare professional’s role in optimizing the Robotic Surgery Pathway: 
  4. Strategies for enhancing efficiency and safety in preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases. 
  5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Communication: 
  6. Best practices for effective communication and collaboration between surgeons and healthcare professionals in the robotic surgery environment. 
  7. Risk Management and Ethical Considerations for Non-Medical Practitioners in Laparoscopic Bedside Assistance within Robotic Surgery 
  8. Ethical boundaries of the extended scope of practice for non-medical practitioners in robotic surgery, particularly concerning laparoscopic assistance. 
  9. Importance of defining competencies, training requirements, and certification processes to ensure that non-medical practitioners are fully equipped to perform these roles safely and effectively. 
  10. Regulatory and Legal Considerations
  11. Global Trends and Comparative Practices: 

Examination of how healthcare professionals’ robotic surgery practices differ globally and what can be learned from various healthcare systems.