List of BIARGS Certified Robotic Surgeon

No Certified Robotic Surgeons Yet.

BIARGS Robotic surgeon training module for gynaecologist (Download Document)

  • Initial training in robotics: 18-20 cases over 3-6 months with Procter support as required
  • Expected to have safe surgical skills in Gynaecology
  • Main core surgical training to include
    • Port placement
    • Correct use of arms
    • Use of instruments
    • Appreciation of lack of tactile feedback
    • Patient positioning
  • Minimum requirement in skill ( Complication rate annual audit)
  • Minimum requirement in volume (Minimum 25 cases per year / surgeon AAGL requirement, under discussion)
  • Quality assessment Surgical videos
  • Objective evaluation
  • Registration with registered body
  • Minimum annual case load (Number of cases per surgeon/year under discussion)
  • Minimum skill requirement
  • Quality assessment (Minimum outcome measures)
  • Objective evaluation
  • Video case assessment
  • Registration with professional body (BIARGS in UK )
  • Surgical practice: Grand-father clause for existent gynaecological robotic surgeons extended due to COVID-19 till 30th November 2023
  • Completion of Robotic training module for gynaecologist/ATSM/Subspecialty training
  • Professionalism
  • Assessment of knowledge, judgement and skill
  • Objective assessment and lifelong learning
  • Outcome standards and credentialing
  • Limited period of self-registration (Grand father clause) extended due to COVID-19 till 30th Nov 2021
  • Confirmation of e-learning update
  • Certification of lab training
  • Minimum case load on console (under discussion, assessments on surgical audit minimum dataset)
  • Attendance of one scientific conference in three years for CME
  • Submission of basic annual data
  • Submission of Video
  • Annual appraisal within working Trust
  • Dedicated robot assisted surgical team
  • Stable robotic practice
  • Operational policy, procedure guidelines, treatment protocols
  • Clear policy for training the trainers
  • Certified trainer
  • Cross training facility
  • Minimum workload in gynaecological robotic surgery
  • Clinical governance frame work for robotic surgery
President Vice President Honorary Secretary Treasurer
Miss Nahid Gul Mr. Simon Alastair Miss Sujata Gupta Miss Dina El-Hamamsy
Consultant Gynaecological Pelvic Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeon Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon and Oncologist Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust Consultant Gynaecological Surgeon St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester foundation trust Consultant Urogynaecologist The Royal London Hospital, London