Date of Online Certification
Date of Practical Training
Date of Sign off: Level I / Level 2
Date(Level1) Signature(Level1) Date(Level2) Signature(Level2)
Orientation of robotic theatre
Demonstrate effective team working "
Demonstrate effective communication skills within theatre tram
Demonstrate situational awareness
Demonstrate importance of Human factor
Sterile preparation of robot
Bedside assistant ( level 2)
Reflective practice
Completion of the online theoretical training package
Awareness of the ergonomics of robotic assistance
Familiar with robotic components and instrumentation
Awareness of other modalities, benefits and potential complications with robotic surgery
Knowledge of different docking positions and the indications
Understands reasons for arm clashing and methods of correction "
Knowledge of the potential complications of electro diathermy "
knowledge of principles of laparoscopy and robotic surgery
Situational awareness " "
Communication skills
Knowledge of the operative room setup of the robotic system
Aware of principles of the robotic system
Be able to drape the Robot
Be able to respond to system errors
Able to drive the robot
Knowledge of how to position patient for robotic surgery
Undertake vaginal preparation for a robotic procedure
Able to insert McCartney tube in vagina and uterine manipulator if required
Be able to undertake vaginal preparation & insert a rectal probe if required
Understand and demonstrate use of different methods of maintaining pneumoperitoneum
Demonstrate understanding port placement
Be able to dock the robotic system
Understand different docking positions and able to dock the robot
Be able to maintain a clear image by cleaning/changing the camera
Be able to insert, change and remove robotic instruments
Be able to understand reason for clashing and adjust the arm positions
Have understanding of the appropriate use of assistant port
Demonstrates of use of suction and maintaining clear operative field
Able to introduce and present loaded needle
Able to cut the suture with laparoscopic scissors
Safe retrieval of needle
Demonstrate understanding of communication with scrub team and needle/swab count "
Demonstrate introduction and retrieval of specimen bag/ swabs
Undocking and port closure (3 cases – level 4)
Be able to close incisions and port sites closure
Be able to perform an emergency undocking procedure
Demonstrate understanding of specimen handling and histology/cytology requests
Demonstrate effective communication with anaesthetic , theatre team and console surgeon
Demonstrate skills of communication with recovery and ward staff